I help women make peace with food

and activate

their body’s healing magic

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Join my Fast With The Moon Community


Get the support of a community

be part of a vibrant group of like-minded women

Perfect for you if 

You love the support of a community

You want to consciously design your health and your life

You like to be held accountable by a group to keep you on track


Coached Group Intermittent Fasting Program


Get the support of a small group

be part of a small group of supportive women

Perfect for you if 

You love the intimacy of a small group 

You like a structured approach

You want powerful coaching techniques in a group setting


1:1 Bespoke Fasting Experience


Get individual, personalised support

to drill down into what YOU need, fast

Perfect for you if 

You have some really entrenched inner critics holding you back

You want to get results faster

You need extra accountability and support

Calling pre- peri- mid- post- menopausal women….do you struggle with….

guilt around food?

cravings for junk food?

frequent hunger?

excess weight?

preoccupation with food?

brain fog and fatigue?


Have you tried all the ‘diets’ in the book?

but they didn’t work for long

you ended up heavier than before you started

you had to deprive yourself of food you enjoy

feeling hungry and bored of counting calories

feeling guilty when you ‘fell off the wagon’

Intermittent Fasting is a game-changer

and it’s not about will-power

it’s about partnering with your body

living in harmony with the way humans evolved to live 

If you’re not ready for one of my offerings yet, kick-start a healthier new lifestyle today with my FREE Guide to Intermittent Fasting Breakfast Hacks to Keep You Full & Energised

7 Essential Ingredients for a Healthy Gut

You will get:

  • Breakfast hacks to help you kick-start your Intermittent Fasting Practice
  • Scientific explanations for why these foods help
  • Suggestions for easy break-the-fast meals 
  • ‘Glucose hacks’ to steady your blood sugar and ramp up your energy 

Have we met? 

Hi, I’m Liz.

In my former lives as a barrister, full-time mum and carer for my own mum, I was always tired (& usually dieting, ineffectively).

When my husband died after an 8 month illness, I was exhausted.

I’d not taken care of my own health, drowning my stress and sorrow in gin, tonic and convenience food.

With three teenagers and an elderly mum to look after, I needed to take action.

It helped when I cleaned up my diet. But even though I knew what I was supposed to be doing, it was a struggle to maintain the healthy habits.

Because my mindset hadn’t changed.

I still denied myself food I enjoyed, felt guilty when I ate what I wanted, and then fell off the wagon into depressing downward spirals, re-gaining all the weight I’d lost and feeling dreadful.

It was joyless.

Then I discovered Intermittent Fasting.

And I found my way to Co-Active – a transformative life-coaching method.

Through coaching, I became powerfully connected to my vision and purpose – my Big Why’s around health.

I changed my beliefs about what was possible for me.

Because I’d done the inner work, consistently healthy lifestyle choices which had eluded me all my life, now came with ease.

I went from being preoccupied with food, having constant hunger, energy crashes and cravings to finally making peace with food, having consistent energy and being my ideal weight.

I have never in my adult life enjoyed my food so much.

Or felt so good. 

So now I’m on a mission to support women over 40 who are struggling as I struggled.

And help them find peace with food.



What my clients say

‘She creates a space that makes me feel alive and creative, and brings me in touch with my true self and essence’

“Working with Liz has had a hugely positive impact on my life – she creates a space that makes me feel alive and creative, and brings me in touch with my true self and essence.

Possibilities open up and I feel lighter and more free to make changes and adjustments, to be more playful with life.

This feeling and benefit persists way beyond the session, and is creating a new approach”

Becky Field


‘I consider Liz as my ally in life’

“The coaching sessions I’ve had with Liz empowered me in handling situations in my life that I found challenging. They gave me a positive way of looking at these situations, and also gave me a takeaway tool to use when other issues come up.

I have learnt that when I look, I have the answer, and making myself important by doing coaching I see that I’m not on my own.

I plan to have a series of coaching sessions over the next few months, it’s not that I know already what I will bring to them, I just know they’ll be helpful in embracing life’s challenges.

I consider Liz as my ally in life, someone I can bring a challenge, and she supports me to find my own solution and cheers me on, without pandering to me.”

Sarah Jewhurst

Property Developer

‘Her empathy, sensitivity and intellect provided me with a valuable thinking partner for which I am extremely grateful’

“Coaching from Liz enabled me to find ways in which to manage my grief.

I embarked upon coaching to manage the emotional stress resulting from the loss of my husband & the impact grief was having upon my relationships within my family.

She provided a safe space and helped me to explore my feelings and challenge myself. The structured approach enabled me to think more clearly and identify ways in which I could move forward.

Her empathy, sensitivity and intellect provided me with a valuable thinking partner for which I am extremely grateful.

I would highly recommend Liz.”

Rosemary Taylor

‘Her ability to find barriers so they can be broken down’

“I have greatly valued Liz’s support, her gentle approach in challenging me and her ability to find barriers so they can be broken down.

There have been some magical moments I won’t forget. I find myself  looking back on the sessions calling them ‘the one where/when…’ like the ‘Friends’ episodes!

I look forward to continuing this process into the future for another chapter of myself and for Half Pint Home”

Fran Chalet

Founder, Half Pint Home

‘I have regained confidence and I feel very excited about the future’

“Throughout, Liz made me feel comfortable and made the whole experience of discovering more about myself and identify the stumbling blocks very easy. Plus, we had many laughs along the way. Liz helped me to believe in myself, to stop procrastinating and see clearly how to take action and begin reaching my goals.

I have regained confidence and I feel very excited about the future. Couldn’t have got to where I am now, without the guidance and support Liz provides as a coach. Your patience and encouragement turned my life around. Thank you Liz. “

Sandra Boothman

Scottish Tour Guide

‘By changing my perspective, I changed my behaviour’

“Before the coaching with Liz, I was a terrible procrastinator and really held myself back. Liz made me realise that the things I feared weren’t scary at all and by changing my perspective, I changed my behaviour. My attention is now focused, I’m managing my time better and I have the courage to live in my own realm where I am my best self.”

Karen Thomas

Founder, Cool Bathing

‘She got me to connect with my vibrant, confident, younger self’

“Before the coaching with Liz I felt stuck in several areas of my life. Our sessions made me look at things very differently. She got me to connect with my vibrant, confident younger self – I hadn’t felt this way for years!

Coaching with Liz really moved me on, and I keep coming back to the things we discussed.

If you are wondering how to navigate your way through the next chapter of your life, I’d recommend Liz to guide you through it.”

Carol Ayres

Founder, Carol Ayres Curtains & Blinds

‘Feeling more calm and connected to who I am’

“Coaching for me has altered my outlook and perception of everyday life, feeling more calm and connected to who I am and my values. I looked forward to every session I had booked and would come away feeling as though I had accomplished ways of dealing with uncertain topics within my life and ways to move forward. I could not recommend this form of coaching with Liz enough.”

Rose Baldwin