7 Habits for a Vibrant Life

The 8 week coached Time Restricted Eating programme

I help busy, mid-life women be the weight they want to be & get more energy

(with a few simple gut-friendly habits)

Without giving up their favourite foods

Without spending hours in the gym

What if you could wake up every morning full of energy and enthusiastic about your day

What if a few actionable, science-backed daily habits transformed your energy levels, your health, your weight?

Habit change is possible

And it’s not about will-power. It’s about getting connected to your purpose and vision so that optimal health choices come naturally

I use the world-class Co-Active coaching method and a buffet of other techniques to help you permanently shift your mindset so that you can choose new habits with ease

This is how I used to live…

I grazed all day 'to keep my blood sugar up'

In the evenings, I ate my emotions and drank wine to relieve stress

I used processed food and takeaways because it saved time

I didn't make time to exercise

I didn't get enough sleep

Everyone else came first, and I didn't make time for self care

I wasn't consciously designing my life; I was too busy surviving it

And the result was…

My weight fluctuated by 7-21 lbs

I had frequent energy crashes

I had bloating and IBS

I had uncontrollable cravings for biscuits, cakes, salty snacks

I stuck my head in the sand about my future health

I spent years, and a fortune, on shakes and meal replacements and deprived myself of real food that I loved

I tried lots of diets but nothing ever changed - I was on a treadmill

I see so many busy, high-achieving women take care of their work, their kids, their parents, their pets, their partners – and put themselves last

And it takes its toll on their energy levels, and feeling good about themselves

Ultimately, it’s going to take its toll on their health now and for the long term

The truth is

With just a few science-backed choices in your daily routines you can get vibrant energy, increase your chances of a longer health-span and be the weight you want to be 

You’ll step into your most confident self

You’ll have bags of energy

You’ll wonder why you ever found it so hard

This is not…

About depriving yourself of your favourite foods

A short term 'diet'

About will-power

Just about eat-less-exercise-more

A one-size-fits-all regime

7 Habits for a Vibrant Life is about…

Getting connected to your most resourceful self and your purpose

Exploring your limiting beliefs and the stories you are telling yourself

Shifting your perspectives

Processing your emotions rather than eating them

And it's backed by cutting edge science

Want to know the secret to permanent change?

It’s NOT about will-power, it’s about getting connected to your vision and purpose so that optimal health choices come naturally

‘Successful outcomes are never the result of a single choice. They are built up through good choices over time.

A profitable business is never a choice; it is a series of choices.

A fit body is never a choice; it is a series of choices.

A strong relationship is never a choice; it is a series of choices.’

James Clear


Here’s exactly what we’ll do together in the 8 week group course:

  • You’ll get my online 7 Habits for a Vibrant Life coached Time Restricted Eating course, containing 28 videos, covering the 4 modules of the course, each one guiding you to build up your new habits in manageable micro steps
  • Plus 8 live Masterclasses with other like-minded women, in which we will dig deeply into your vision for yourself, your beliefs, your purpose and what’s held you back in the past
  • A 7 Habits for a Vibrant Life Workbook containing quick summaries of the videos, and links to the sources of the information so that if you are someone who likes to research the science yourself, it’s all there for you
  • A 7 Habits for a Vibrant Life Printable Journal containing powerful journaling exercises and a record of your progress as you move through the course


Together we will explore

Where you are now 

The vision you have for your future self

Your purpose for transforming your life

Any limiting beliefs holding you back

‘When we feel better, we get more out of our lives.’

Rangan Chatterjee. Feel Better, Live More 


Coaching Exercises

Through the journal coaching exercises, you will explore & address the limiting beliefs that hold you back, get clear on your vision and your purpose & connect with your most resourceful self.  You will step into a vibrant, healthy version of yourself. What are you longing to create?

What, when and how you eat

The right nutrition at the right time. Time restricted eating and a Mediterranean diet rich with food that feeds your amazing gut biome are important factors in your vibrant health. Weaving into your routine periodic longer fast can take your health to the next level if you choose. How do you want to eat?

Move with energy and enthusiasm

My spaniel Peggy is a fabulous metaphor for me, for how to move joyfully. Moving your body underpins vibrant energy. We will discover activities that you can consistently enjoy, and create that flow of endorphins that makes your heart sing, whether it’s natural movement or formal exercsie. What movement is fun for you?

Sleep quality and quantity

Getting enough quality sleep – both deep sleep and REM sleep – is a cornerstone of vibrant health which is often ignored. Without it, the other habits will be more difficult to do and less effective in creating vibrant energy. With good sleep habits, you will be more resilient physically and mentally. How important do you make sleep?

The power of Buddying Up

You will have access to  Facebook Community of like-minded individuals who share your goals. If you sign up for Package 2, you will also be part of a small group which meets weekly via Zoom. Studies show that accountability to others makes all the difference. What works for you?

“I have held on to some stubborn weight for years and years. Generally I eat healthily, but those few pounds confounded me. 7 Habits for a Vibrant Life identified what I was doing and thinking that limited my success and helped me design ways to overcome the self-made barriers. My new way of thinking suits me and my lifestyle and the weight is dropping off

Karen Thomas

Founder, Cool Bathing

“Liz’s 7 Habits for a Vibrant Life Program is an excellent way to ‘reboot’ your health/happiness/life! Liz is a very skilled and knowledgeable coach, with the ability to tailor the program to your particular needs, even mid-session! The ‘live’ part of the program is group sessions, supplemented by a tremendous amount of really useful, relevant and up to date information. Liz also sent me additional information in response to specific questions I had in our sessions. I had some positive health and weight loss targets (eg to get into a particular pair of trousers for a special event) and found the sessions really helped me to stay motivated (and I did get into those trousers).

This program is well put together, stuffed with really good content, very enjoyable and it works!

Overall, Liz is a brilliant life coach and I can’t recommend her highly enough”

Gill Rouse

Business Coach, People And Change

“I enjoyed 7 Habits for a Vibrant Life because there was a clear focus on different aspects of our lives.

I had never had coaching before and was surprised at the depth of exploration. It was challenging at times and made me look at things from a different perspective.

The biggest thing for me was taking charge of my inner negative voices and being empowered to live life on my terms. I now have resources/techniques to fall back on when things are challenging. I feel a lightness and joy about my life.”

Theresa Hart

Retired Small Business Mentor

Your results 

  • You’ll get bags of vibrant energy
  • Be the weight you want to be
  • Get crystal clear on your goals, vision and purpose
  • Become aware of any limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Step into your most empowered self, your Leader Within
  • Develop habits that serve you rather than limit you
  • Discover strategies for managing triggers, stress and saboteurs
  • Make great food choices
  • Learn scientifically proven health facts on everything you need to build your Vibrant Life habits
  • Increase your chances of avoiding disease and having a longer, healthier life 

So, what’s the investment for all this content?

When you sign up for my next group coaching program today, it’s just £497  £247 *

For this you get

The Seven Habits for a Vibrant Life coached Video Program

8 x Live Masterclasses

The Seven Habits Workbook

The Seven Habits Journal

Next start date 7 Jan 2023

*This is a ‘beta’ version of the course starting January 2023 for half the usual price. If you are interested please get in touch. I currently have a few places left (as at 10 Dec)

Affiliate program: if you introduce a friend who signs up for this or any of my programs you will receive a free, transferable 1:1 hour-long Experiential coaching session 


Time to start living a Vibrant Life

7 Habits for a Vibrant Life is perfect for you if

  • You want Vibrant Energy
  • You’re tired of feeling sluggish
  • You’re sick of the brain fog
  • You want to feel comfortable in your body again
  • You’re willing to explore and grow
  • You’re looking for permanent habit change
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself, your health, your future

Your Vibrant Life is not for you if 

  • You’re looking for a quick fix
  • You’re not willing to try new habits
  • Or not willing to explore your beliefs, your vision and your purpose
  • You have, or have had an eating disorder*

*If this is true for you, the excellent UK based charity BEAT would be a great place to go for support 

Why choose me as your coach? In short, lived experience

Anyone who’s known me for a long time knows that in my former lives as a barrister and a stay-at-home-mum, I was always on some faddy diet.  My energy levels were all over the place, my weight fluctuated and I had uncomfortable IBS symptoms. I struggled to sleep well and didn’t prioritise self-care. 

I kind of knew what I should be doing but sticking to the healthy habits and making it important was a huge challenge.

When I discovered coaching, I had a container in which to explore my beliefs, my vision and my purpose. My coach held me accountable, to support me to take better care of myself, consistently. I saw that learning to put on my own gas mask first enabled me to take better care of the people I love, and serve my clients more.

Once those things were in place, the strategy – Time Restricted Eating and other science-backed habits – for creating a vibrant life for myself flowed easily. 

As a certified Co-Active Coach, I can help you to uncover beliefs that may be holding you back, get connected to your vision for a vibrant future and your purpose so that you can really step into the YOU you want to be, and live the LIFE you want to live!

Since following a few simple science-backed guidelines in my life, and sticking to them because I’ve changed my beliefs about what’s possible for me, I have transformed my experience of being in my body and mind.

I’ve gone from being preoccupied with food, having energy dips and cravings to having consistent energy and food freedom. 

So now I’m on a mission to support as many mid-life women struggling with low energy and excess weight as I can.


Time to start living Your Vibrant Life

Can’t wait to see you inside