I used to be a dinosaur

Written by Liz Withyman
January 3, 2024

I used to be a dinosaur 🦕

Many people in the past couple of years have complimented me on my website.

Without wishing to blow my own trumpet, I am rather pleased with myself!

Three years ago I was the kind of mid-lifer whose teenaged kids would roll their eyes when I had tech issues with my phone.

I was scared of Tech

Honestly, I was actually scared of Tech.

If I pressed anything on the computer that wasn’t within my tiny comfort zone, and the computer ‘did something’ different to normal, I’d just collapse in a heap.

Despite being (relatively) adult in other areas of my life, I felt like a frustrated toddler when I couldn’t get tech to do what I wanted it to do.

I hadn’t needed it before

In my former life as a barrister, I only needed to know enough to use email, access online law reports and how to join a conference call.

Whereas marketing myself in my newly acquired role as a professional life coach required some new skills.

Enter The Website Mentor

Enter Vicky Etherington, The Website Mentor.

I stumbled upon the answer with help from a fellow Co-Active coach, who recommended Rock That Website as a way to self-build a professional website that had the capacity to not only showcase my coaching skills and accreditaions, but also allow the selling of packages and courses, capture of email addresses for marketing, display of blogs and many other really cool functions.

With inspiring leadership and infinite patience, Vicky has guided me from complete tech dino to a competent user of WordPress and a host of other tech systems for online payment, email sequences and graphics.

Marketing as well as Tech knowledge

Vicky’s educational background is in marketing, and she has built her own 6 figure business from scratch, so she is a font of wisdom when it comes to online marketing as well as all things techy.

Plus she’s just a really, really nice person!

So generous with her time and expertise.

And bursting with creative ideas for her clients’ businesses.

Being a solo-preneur can be lonely

Those of us lucky enough to have found her, call being part of her supportive post-course ongoing membership (‘Visibility Vault’) being ‘in Vicky’s world’.

You get 3 months’ free membership within the price of Rock That Website and thereafter there’s a fee but it’s the best value tech advice I’ve seen anywhere.

And let’s face it – working for yourself is great for freedom but it can be lonely being a solo-preneur.

But not when you’re in a lovely community of entrepreneurs.

I look forward to 2pm on a Monday when we have our weekly Visibility Vault calls. (And there’s always an extra evening each month plus guest speakers as well).

Those calls keep me accountable, excited and moving forward in my business.

SO much more than website-building!

If I hadn’t found Vicky, although I might still be practising as a life coach three years post-qualification, I also might not, because it’s incredibly tough to make a living in such a saturated market.

But with Vicky’s guidance, I found my ‘niche’ (and my passion): health coaching, specifically, coaching Intermittent Fasting.

It was Vicky who said one day in one of our online meetings, ‘Liz, when you talk about this topic (Intermittent Fasting), your face lights up and you get excited. You are on to something there’.

And that’s how 7 Habits for a Vibrant Life was born.

Personal growth

To me, my tech journey is a prime example of personal growth.

It was truly a revelation to me (& my kids!!!) that I could accomplish this level of tech.

It’s given me the confidence and inspiration to move forward in my business and find huge fulfilment in the work I do.

It’s the magic of expanding your comfort zones.

With the support of a great coach.

My website is a WIP

My website is a Work In Progress of course.

I tweak it constantly, sometimes just to change the date of my next course, add a landing page for an event, add a new photo or a new way of phrasing my message that might be more resonant.

But that’s exactly the point.


If I’d hired someone to build my website rather than doing Rock That Website (RTW), I’d have to –

a. pay someone every time I wanted to make a change, and

b. wait for them to make changes whenever I wanted to tweak.

Plus I wouldn’t have overcome a fear of tech and expanded my world.

So empowering.

It evolves with the business

Sometimes I have actually created a product as a result of building out a website page.

For example, my Quarterly Coaching Concept.

I like to present things in threes and I needed a third offering for my ‘Individual Coaching’ page, so I came up with one of my most popular ideas…4 x longer coaching sessions per annum, to support clients to super charge their productivity in 3 month chunks, thus avoiding the potential overwhelm of whole year goals.

I love the way working on my website gets my creative juices flowing.

RTW is hands-down my best business investment

Not only has Vicky supported me to build a high-functioning WordPress website as well as set up Thrivecart (for purchases), Mailerlite (for email marketing), Canva (for doing my own graphics) as well as many other bits of tech I never thought I’d get my head around….

…AND coached me to find my ideal client, and my niche…

…but also, Visibilty Vault serves as a networking group which brings me clients.

Rock That Website

I’ve been recommending Vicky’s Rock That Website to anyone who’ll listen since the minute I started working with her.

She is a rare and precious thing in the world of tech. She gives incredible value, with total integrity, for what I have found to be a truly priceless experience: finding my fulfillment and my voice.

I am now an affiliate but I was a raving fan well before I signed up for that.

I can’t recommend her courses highly enough.

Liz Withyman

Liz Withyman is an ICF-registered ACC (Associate Certified Coach) who trained with the Coaches Training Institute, the most rigorous and respected coach training in the industry.

She runs her online Coached Intermittent Fasting Program, 7 Habits for a Vibrant Life, regularly throughout the year.

1:1 coaching is available on request. 

Become Part of
The Fasting for a Vibrant Life Community

Join the other women
who have made peace with food and are empowering themselves to get energy, clarity and be the weight they want to be through intermittent fasting. 

If you want to accelerate your journey to high-energy, vibrant health, join my 7 Habits for a Vibrant Life. You’ll get experiential coaching to work on your mindset, plain-English science in bite-sized chunks and my MicroHabits method to help you implement the healthy habits.

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