I help my clients to get clear about the life they want, and make intentional shifts towards their vision

What is life coaching?

Think of an iceberg.

What is visible is everything related to your choices, behaviours and outcomes. Underneath are your values, perspectives, and beliefs (including limiting beliefs). This is the raw material for coaching.

As your coach, I hold the torch for you as you explore the underneath of the iceberg of your life so you can become more aware of what is really going on for you. I get to be your thinking-partner.

Together, we will create an intentional shift towards the life you want.


Why choose me as your coach?

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation, I bring a world-class coaching model to the table. I will provide you with the time, space and tools to expand your self-awareness, fulfilment and impact. Together, we will put our attention on what you want to bring in to your life, and who you need to be in order to do that.

The more you commit to the coaching process, the more value you will receive. It is a gym, not a spa!

As your coach, I can help you to get really clear about your vision and intention for your life.

I will support you to bring to awareness and then manage and neutralise the negative voices and unconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

I will hold the space for you to process the orchestra of your emotions, the deep, sad cello tones, the excited, up-beat sounds of the flute and all the subtle notes in between.

If you are ready to live a life of conscious choice, make brave change and create your joyful, vibrant life, get in touch for a free sample session, when we can discuss what you’re looking for.

What my clients say

‘Her ability to find barriers so they can be broken down’

“I have greatly valued Liz’s support, her gentle approach in challenging me and her ability to find barriers so they can be broken down.

There have been some magical moments I won’t forget. I find myself  looking back on the sessions calling them ‘the one where/when…’ like the ‘Friends’ episodes!

I look forward to continuing this process into the future for another chapter of myself and for Half Pint Home”

Fran Chalet

Founder, Half Pint Home

‘I have regained confidence and I feel very excited about the future’

“Throughout, Liz made me feel comfortable and made the whole experience of discovering more about myself and identify the stumbling blocks very easy. Plus, we had many laughs along the way. Liz helped me to believe in myself, to stop procrastinating and see clearly how to take action and begin reaching my goals.

I have regained confidence and I feel very excited about the future. Couldn’t have got to where I am now, without the guidance and support Liz provides as a coach. Your patience and encouragement turned my life around. Thank you Liz. “

Sandra Boothman

Scottish Tour Guide

“Whatever you feed with attention will grow detailed, bold, and brilliant with life for you. You can choose to feed the wolves that howl on the outskirts of imagination, or feed your dreams instead.”

~ Tama J. Kieves ~



Topics you can bring to Life Coaching


My speciality is Health Coaching and my signature course 7 Habits for a Vibrant Life makes Intermittent Fasting easy and effective, to help mid-life women get more energy, less risk of disease & be the weight they want to be with 7 simple but transformative lifestyle habits.

However, I do reserve a few slots for clients who are looking for pure Life Coaching, without the emphasis on health.

Co-Active coaching techniques can be used to help you to get clear and create transformational shifts in any area of your life.

Below are categories from the ‘Wheel of Life’, a tool coaches use to help you to gauge where you are now, and help you identify where you want to be, in different areas of your life.

Together we can examine any aspect of your life

Personal Growth

‘Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.’ (Mark Twain)

Time is passing…



‘The real joy of life is in play. Play is anything we do for the joy and love of doing it, apart from any profit, compulsion, or sense of duty. It is the real joy of living’ (Walter Rauschenbusch)

Do you play enough?


‘Far too many people are looking for the right person, instead of trying to be the right person’ (Gloria Steinem)

Who are you in your relationship? Are you living your relationship on YOUR terms? 


‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’ (Confucius)

How do you feel about your work? Does it bring you joy? Satisfaction? How is your work/life balance?



‘If you don’t make time for your wellness you will be forced to make time for your illness’ (Anon)

How is your self care?

Friends & Family

‘Love your friends and family. Spend time, be kind & serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised & today is short’ (Anon)

Do you schedule time to nourish and nurture your loved ones?


‘The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living life on your terms.’ (Chris Brogan) 

What is your relationship with money?


Your environment

‘Then close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself, there’s no place like home’ (L. Frank Baum)

Are you happy with the location of your home? How about the state of it?

Your impact

‘Did I do ok?’ (Jim Withyman)

Imagine you’re at the end of your life, looking back. Are you happy with what you created? 

Your investment

1:1 experiential coaching for 6 – 12 months

£107 per session

12 x 1 hour sessions

(Total investment: £1284)

Split-pay available)

Ideal if you’re looking for profound transformation, an opportunity to fully explore your iceberg and co-create the life you want in all areas

The Quarterly Coaching Program

(with dedicated journal)

£167 per session

4 x 1 hour sessions

(Total investment: £668)

Split-pay available

Ideal if you want to get incredible results by chunking your year into ‘sprints’ of 3 month periods & super-charge your productivity

1:1 experiential coaching for 3 – 6 months

£137 per session

6 x 1 hour sessions

(Total investment: £822)

Split-pay available

Perfect for you if you want to consciously design your life in one or two areas, with full accountability and support

‘I consider Liz as my ally in life’

“The coaching sessions I’ve had with Liz empowered me in handling situations in my life that I found challenging. They gave me a positive way of looking at these situations, and also gave me a takeaway tool to use when other issues come up.

I have learnt that when I look, I have the answer, and making myself important by doing coaching I see that I’m not on my own.

I plan to have a series of coaching sessions over the next few months, it’s not that I know already what I will bring to them, I just know they’ll be helpful in embracing life’s challenges.

I consider Liz as my ally in life, someone I can bring a challenge, and she supports me to find my own solution and cheers me on, without pandering to me.”

Sarah Jewhurst

Property Developer

‘Her empathy, sensitivity and intellect provided me with a valuable thinking partner for which I am extremely grateful’

“Coaching from Liz enabled me to find ways in which to manage my grief.

I embarked upon coaching to manage the emotional stress resulting from the loss of my husband & the impact grief was having upon my relationships within my family.

She provided a safe space and helped me to explore my feelings and challenge myself. The structured approach enabled me to think more clearly and identify ways in which I could move forward.

Her empathy, sensitivity and intellect provided me with a valuable thinking partner for which I am extremely grateful.

I would highly recommend Liz.”

Rosemary Taylor